Features Are The Foundation

When you connect data and feature flags everyone on your team can A/B test, release, and personalize user experiences.

Features Should Be Collaborative

Engineers define abstractions using feature flags. Everyone uses them to deliver and measure experiences.

Break Down Siloes

Empower non-technical roles to change features' color, content, urls, or any value engineers create.

Manage Content Dynamically

Update, test, or personalize content with the click of a button.

Measure Impact

A/B test every change without requiring code changes or data resources.
Segment Native Integration

Features Should Be Safe

Prevent errors before they happen. Be alerted when they do.

Validated Deployments

Prevent incorrect values from being deployed with type-safe feature variables.

Guard Rails

Monitor your most important metrics every time you change a feature.

Instant Control

Release, revert, or update features with the click of a button.

Features Should Be Connected

See the connection between insight and action. Features and data should always have a two way relationship.

Easy Experimentation

Uncover how features impact user behavior with our advanced statistics engine, or do the analysis yourself by easily capturing how we split traffic.

Flexible Personalization

Dynamically target experiences using any property you can imagine, including Segment identities.

Native Segment Integration

Use your existing events and properties. Just connect your Segment account.
Turn features on or off instantly

Deploy faster

How it Works

Be production ready in minutes, not weeks.

Setup Feature Gates

Set up our Typescript SDK in minutes. iOS and Android coming soon.

Read the docs.

Connect Segment

Add Context as a Segment destination, or add it when you are ready.

Read the docs.


Use your Segment events to test, personalize, and monitor your product.

See examples.

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