Experiments are better with Context

For teams building withandReact.

  • Use Your Existing Segment Events
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Easy Integration
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Why Experiment with Context

Simple is Powerful

Context turns your Segment events into a fully featured experimentation platform. Simply gate features using our React SDK and let our backend handle detecting sessions, splitting traffic, and calculating results.

SDK integration example

Events & Properties

Context automatically detects all your events and numeric properties so you can experiment with the same data you use to run your business.

Example of segment events auto completeing in dashboard

Transparent Pricing

We don’t bill on impressions or other made-up concepts. Your bill is just the number of experiments you run times the number of users that see them.

Example of how billable events are calculated

Better Experiments Make Better Products

Faster Results

Faster Results

Our Bayesian Statistics Engine calculates results faster than traditional methods using smaller sample sizes.

Access Underlying Data

Access Underlying Data

Calculate results or build models yourself by including data from treatment groups in your user properties.

Keep Your Ecosystem

Keep Your Ecosystem

Native Segment integration means your experiments, dashboards, marketing, and business intelligence all use the same data.

Feature Gating First

Feature Gating First

Context is built around feature gating so you can manage your application and create experiments without extra code.

Focus on Your Product Not Ours

Shockingly Easy to Integrate

Context Experiments are almost ready

We're actively seeking partners to put Context into production. Want to stay up to date?