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Once you create a feature in Context you can monitor how it affects your critical metrics, change it's content, run A/B tests, and personalize how different audiences see it all without additional developer time.

Easier A/B tests

Let anyone on your team run experiments using the data they already know. Just connect your Segment data.

Single Source of Truth

Context automatically detects your Segment events and properties and allows you to experiment with all of them.

Powerful Statistics Engine

Test results are automatically calculated so your team can run experiments without needing a data scientist.
Segment Native Integration

Release Confidently

Stop refreshing dashboards to see how releases affect your metrics. Context lets you move fast and sleep well at night.

Monitored Rollouts

Monitor your Segment events and properties when you change a feature.

Validated Deployments

Type safe feature variables validate changes as they are made to prevent bugs before they happen.
Will not allow invalid feature values

Scale Your Team

Empower your whole team to control your product. Let developers deploy when they want, and product managers release when they are ready.

Instant Control

Update features with the click of a button. Change feature variables or turn them off without developer resources.

Targeted Release

Use your Segment identities to personalize user experience. Dynamically release features based on any criteria.
Turn features on or off instantly

Deploy faster

How it Works

Be production ready in minutes, not weeks.

Setup Feature Gates

Set up our Typescript SDK in minutes. iOS and Android coming soon.

Read the docs.

Connect Segment

Add Context as a Segment destination.

Read the docs.


Use your Segment events to test, personalize, and monitor your product.

See examples.

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